Why Air Conditioning Repairs Are Charged By The Job & How That Helps You?

Why Air Conditioning Repairs Are Charged By The Job & How That Helps You?

Calculating the costs of Air Conditioning Repairs here in Hawaiian Gardens, CA is often the first task when someone like you needs our help. However, it can seem mysterious and shady if we fail to provide adequate reasons to charge a flat rate for certain jobs, especially if we fail to answer questions about why we charge so much! That’s why we want to take the time to fully explain what you’re getting when you hire a company like ours, and how this often results in added benefits to you, such as cheaper utility costs and better performance from your unit.

Why We Don’t Charge By the Hour?

Have you ever wondered why many companies, including ourselves at Thomson Air Conditioning, offer free estimates and service calls? That’s because we need to inspect the unit to see what problems it’s having, what parts it may need, and how long it’ll take to service the system. If a company charged you for all the driving, searching for parts, inspecting, and then finally the fixing it would yield many billable hours. That would lead to unhappy customers who may not call the company ever again!

What the Costs Entail?

So that’s why we will carefully, but efficiently, tally up the costs before we take a job, and only charge by the job you will need. By the end of a service call, our technicians will have tallied how much time it will take to do the job, what parts we’ll need, if any, and the costs of the type of labor needed to perform Air Conditioning Repairs in Hawaiian Gardens, CA as well. Those are the costs that are directly affected by doing this job for you, but there are other hidden costs as well that we do our best to minimize. These are costs associated with running the business like stocking often-needed parts, maintaining our repair trucks, and buying specialized tools to do work only our technicians can perform. Now obviously we don’t charge you for these things, but these are costs we must consider for each job to maintain these expenses. Honesty is the name of the game.

Why Air Conditioning Repairs Are Charged By The Job & How That Helps You? | Thomson Air Conditioning

How This Ends Up Being Cheaper For You?

The bottom line is that Thomson Air Conditioning wants to be the service provider that you can depend on for a very long time and for any kind of service you need. The better prepared we can be to answer your calls and perform the work that’s necessary, the more benefits you’ll receive in the future! Even the most experienced technician may take longer than usual to fix your unit simply because some units are difficult to work with or have trickier problems to diagnose correctly. So using a team of people who are properly trained and have all the necessary equipment to finish the air conditioning repairs in Hawaiian Gardens, CA your home needs will ensure that you don’t have spent any more money in the future. So call Thomson Air Conditioning at (562) 201-3014 if you’d like us to do a service call for you!

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