Asbestos Duct Abatement Removal and Replacement

Ensure a healthy environment and clean air in your home.

Asbestos Duct Abatement Removal and Replacement

Ensure a healthy environment and clean air in your home.

So you have asbestos ducts…

Don’t worry. Asbestos duct abatement, removal and replacement for accessible ducts only adds about $500 to any normal duct replacement.

The reason for this is because we have to complete a removal of ANY type of duct in your home. Typical removal of ductwork costs $350. This is the removal price for any flexible duct system. If those ducts are asbestos, the cost of an asbestos abatement is $850. This price includes removal, so the cost difference is only $500.00

What does it cost to install a new duct system in my home?

After the removal cost, a typical duct system installation runs $2,350. This price includes everything below:

  • Install NEW Flexible Ductwork, to existing cans or connection points. For specifics on the duct we like to use, click here.
  • Size each duct for adequate airflow to each room.
  • Install Manually Adjustable Airflow Damper Disks in all supply ductwork at start collars and junctions.
  • Tie “Flag Tape” on damper disk handles to assist with location identification
  • Use Damper Disks to help assist with balancing the conditioned airflow distribution throughout home to all individually conditioned areas
  • Seal and Insulate all exposed sheet metal and connection points
  • Check and Adjust Refrigerant Pressures after ductwork installation

The Process

1. Estimate

A site visit to your home is important. This allows us to determine what type of removal and installation is right for you. you will be given a quote on site, and all details of your project will be discussed with you. Some homes are less expensive than the prices above, and we don’t leave any discount behind. We save you money every way we can. Don’t be afraid of our site visits. We are a “no pressure and no hassle” company. We are just happy to help.

2. Removal

Whether you need an asbestos duct abatement, or just a standard duct removal, the old stuff needs to be removed. Once this is completed, the design process can begin. Thomson AC coordinates with your schedule to make sure this removal process is as painless as possible. In most cases, removal of an asbestos duct system takes about four hours to complete.

3. Design

After your old ducts have been removed, we will now design and install a new duct system. This duct system design will be custom and perfectly fit to your house. We design your ducts to operate at .5″WC, which is the industry standard. That means, whatever equipment your ductwork is hooked to, you get maximum efficiency. We install “all accessible” ducts. This means, if we can’t access it, we can’t change it. Ducts installed in walls, ceilings, soffits and floors will need to be exposed in order to be changed. Most of these ducts have been undisturbed, and are often reusable. We just connect to them appropriately, and avoid any air loss at that point.

4. Quality Walk Through and Air Balancing

When your new duct system is fully installed, we walk the house with you and check airflow at each register. This is how we make sure you are happy with the airflow in each room. After all ducts are balanced, Thomson AC will adjust your refrigerant pressures and gas valve (if necessary) to ensure your equipment is operating at optimum levels with your newly installed HVAC air duct system.

5. Warranty and Documentation

Asbestos abatements include documentation of removal, air sampling, transport and disposal. Certifying documents will arrive in the mail following completion.

The flexible air duct is warranted by Quietflex Manufacturing Company, L.P., for ten (10) years against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is for exchange of duct only and does not include installation.

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