VRV Systems

Background Info

Since 1982, VRV systems have become established as the standard for energy saving, flexibility and comfort. In short, VRV air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption compared to traditional central ducted systems. And when it comes to your energy bill, less energy consumed means less money spent. Now, VRV systems have been re-imagined and re-engineered to tackle the many challenges of the traditional systems with the goal of enriching the life of homeowners across North America.


What is VRV

VRV is a technology patented by Daikin. It stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and describes a technology that can regulate the flow of refrigerant based on the demand of the indoor conditions. This technology provides many options for both configuration and comfort. On a traditional system, the heating and cooling is either On or Off, but with VRV, we can send different amounts of refrigerant to different places in the home. This allows us to cool and heat different climate zones inside a space to any desired temperature. All without affecting the adjoining spaces.

We?actually made a video that is all about a VRV Installation that we did for one of our amazing customers, check it out!