Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Installation

Why Ductless?

A ductless mini-split air conditioning system is simply a system with no ducts. By removing the ducts from your AC system, we remove the single highest source of energy loss in your home. There’s no need for air to travel into your hot attic or cold crawl space to be conditioned. The air is simply drawn into the unit, conditioned, and then blown into the space. To better understand this, we have provided a bunch of videos that we have filmed over the years down at the bottom of the page. Feel free to take a look at them to get a better understanding of what these things look like.?


Types of Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Installation

Types of ductless installations vary from project to project. If you get a chance to view the videos below, you can see that there is no simple solution. Because of this, we offer two main types of ductless mini split air conditioning installation.

 Type 1: White Glove or Turn Key Red Carpet Installation

Our full-service installation team will come to your home and assess your heating and cooling needs. We will provide you with a quote for a unique system that fits your home and your budget. We will discuss every detail of our design with you until you are pleased. If you choose to have us proceed with the work, we will install the system for you to completion.

Type 2: DIY+ (Homeowner Assisted Installation)

In certain cases, a homeowner may decide they want to complete a portion of the installation. We can assist you with the tools and the process to make everything go as smoothly as possible. This is a great solution for anyone searching the internet to try and purchase a ductless system to install on their own. Many consumers are unaware that manufacturers void the warranty if the system is not installed by a licensed contractor. In some states, such as California, it is in fact illegal to purchase a refrigerant-bearing unit without an EPA certification. Our DIY+ program is here to help. We offer you our discounted pricing. (most often better than what you could find online) We assist you with the design process. You get to install as much or as little of the system as you’d like. In the end, we come in to certify and commission the project to help you maintain all warranties and coverages. If you’d like to discuss this type of installation with us, contact us.

About Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

Ductless systems consist of an indoor Air Handler and an Outdoor Unit. Indoor units are placed in “conditioned space”. This means they’re usually visible to you from inside your home. Refrigerant lines carry heat outside to the outdoor unit. One slim and whisper-quiet outside outdoor unit can support a single or multiple indoor Air Handlers, usually 1-5, but depending on how many areas within the property need conditioning, some outside Condensers are capable of supporting up to 10 indoor Air Handlers.? These indoor Air Handlers are available in many different configurations and models to provide design flexibility for the application, as every situation and occupant requirement is unique; Wall Mounted Cartridge, Floor Mounted Cartridge, Ceiling Mounted Cartridge, Ceiling Flush-Mounted Cassette, Concealed Ducted Air Handler, or Vertical Air Handler.? Ductless? Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems are a great solution for both Residential and Light Commercial applications.

Individual temperature control within each area of the property is one way a ductless mini-split air conditioning system achieves great efficiency.? You can think of this individual temperature control feature like the light switches within your home or place of business. Flipping one light only lights up a certain “zone” in your home. You don’t switch all the lights within the whole property with one switch, as there’s no need to light the rooms you’re not occupying.? The individual temperature control features of the system do the same thing as the light switches. Does it allow for individually set temperatures within each room where an Air Handler is installed.? This simple feature makes so much sense. There’s simply no reason to condition the rooms you’re not occupying. But rather, set the temperature within the room when you desire to occupy. Just like you would turn on the light in the room when walking in.

Another energy-efficient feature of these systems is Inverter Technology. Does this provide variable capacity operation of the system? Throughout the day the indoor heat load within a property will change. The variable capacity operation of the system will match this change to maintain a comfortable environment within the property.? Think of this variable capacity operation like the throttle in a vehicle, if you press down on the throttle the vehicle doesn’t accelerate to 50 mph as quickly as possible and stay there, but rather allows you to control the speed of the vehicle based on the flow of traffic.? The variable capacity features of a ductless mini-split air conditioning system do the same thing. It changes the capacity of the system for the conditioning needs to deliver optimal comfort and efficiency. The system simply ramps up and down to perfectly accommodate the heat load in your home.?This inverter-driven variable capacity technology provides an unparalleled and luxurious comfort that must be felt to believe.

With all the available models, features, and technology, there is surely a Mini Split System that will fit your needs perfectly to provide you with individual temperature control within every area of your property in a quiet and energy-efficient manner. Below we have some videos of installations that we were able to film. If you want us to film your project, make sure and let us know!

Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

Do you have a Ductless air conditioner that needs to be installed? We’d be more than happy to help you out!

Just simply give us a quick call and we can send out one of our Installers ASAP to perform a Ductless Air conditioning Installation, making your life that much easier and your home that much cooler during these ongoing heat waves!

Ductless Air Conditioner Repair

Is your Ductless Air Conditioner suddenly acting up? Are you unsure about what is going on and would like some further assistance? Well, your in luck, because here at Thomson Air Conditioning we perform Ductless Air Conditioner Repairs all of the time!

Feel free to give us a quick call and we would be more than happy to send out one of our awesome service technicians ASAP to perform a Ductless Air conditioner Repair?– putting your mind at ease and your system working again while getting through these crazy heat waves!

Mini Split Repair

Is your mini-split system suddenly acting up? Are you unsure about what is going on and would like some further assistance, well your in luck because here at Thomson Air Conditioning we perform mini-split repairs all of the time!

Hop on a call with one of our amazing customer service employees, we would love to send out one of our amazing service techs ASAP to perform a Mini Split Repair, making your life that much easier and your home that much cooler!

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