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VRV Life

What Is a VRV Life System?

Whole House System – Inverter
At the core of the VRV LIFE systems is built-in intelligence that gives you independent zoning control with maximum flexibility and energy savings. With the ability to connect up to nine indoor units to one outdoor unit, the space-saving VRV LIFE system is ideal for most residential projects.

VRV Life

System Features

  • Flexibility with a mix-match of ducted and duct-free indoor units
  • Reduced power consumption with the flexibility to turn off indoor units, not in use
  • Dual-fuel heating with heat pump and gas heat simultaneously
  • Space-saving with the ability to connect 2 gas furnaces to one outdoor unit
  • Quiet operation with sound levels under 58 DBA
  • Add or remove zones without having to worry about ductwork
What Is a VRV Life System - Thomson Air Conditioning

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