Tips For A Hassle-Free AC Installation

Tips For A Hassle-Free AC Installation

Tips for a Hassle-Free AC Installation

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Summer is around the corner! Most U.S. states leave the freezing weather behind. Are you ready for the sun-soaked dry season? As I’m sure you know all too well states like California can get really hot when the summer sets in for good.

In 2016, California broke its 122-year record of having the warmest months between June and August. During these months, the average temperature was 75.5°F. Keeping in mind the historical monthly average of summer temperature, brace yourself for another scorching season.

Well, this is not a climate report, but rather a reminder that you should be ready to take on the California heat, and it starts with your home.

If you, for example, live in and around Huntington Beach, where the mercury is already touching an average of 95°F (Max), it’s just about time to get the air conditioning in your home up and running. After all, you don’t want to power through those sweaty, humid uncomfortable nights due to persistent heat.

Tips for a Hassle-Free AC Installation

Chances are your current AC won’t last this summer, especially if you haven’t serviced it for a long period of time. Contact an HVAC contractor for a new air conditioning installation in Huntington Beach, CA today and make sure that you and your loved ones will be taken care of for good.

How Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor Can Make A Difference?

To make sure that your AC unit provides enough cooling throughout the summer, you need to consult an HVAC contractor who understands building architecture well and will install your air conditioning system by using a structured method.

An AC is only one of the many components that help with the cooling of your home. Other elements such as air leakage, insulation, and solar gain through windows, duct leakage, and radiant heat problems in the rooms also affect the comfort, health, durability, and energy-efficiency of your home.

Keep in mind that the installation process is different based on the type of AC unit you purchase, your home’s features, and your HVAC contractor. Be it central air conditioning or ductless air conditioning, an experienced contractor will make sure that you have a cool and comfortable summer.

Things To Consider And Do Before AC Installation

There are some basic procedures that you may need to follow during air conditioning installation in Huntington Beach, CA.

Getting familiar with the process will help you understand the work to be done, so that you can ask your contractor relevant questions. Here are some general installation steps that you can expect from your contractor:

  • Haul away your old air conditioner materials, and clear all the debris before installing a new unit.
  • Get proper permits and schedule an inspection by the relevant authority in your city.
  • Install a new ductwork (if required), or prepare the existing one to use with the new system.
  • Make sure that electrical, refrigeration lines and piping are safely connected.
  • Install a new thermostat or make sure the old thermostat is in working condition.
  • Charge and start the new AC unit after checking the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Carry out a post-installation inspection before final inspection.

These are basic yet key steps for seamless installation process that will equip you to sustain the summer heat pretty well.


Before installing a new AC unit, you need to decide which type of system will be better for your home. Window units, for example, are heavy and difficult to install. They occupy lots of storage space in the seasons like winter and fall.

Central AC, on the other hand, can get you efficient cooling with even air distribution in every room. However, these systems require significant maintenance. Discuss everything with a reputable HVAC contractor to make the right choice.

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