Seal Beach, California Heating & Air Conditioning Service and Installation

We serve Seal Beach the best, because it’s our home!

We serve Seal Beach the best, because it’s our home! - Thomson Air Conditioning

Whether you live in Old Town Seal Beach, Leisure World, College Park East, College Park West, The Coves, The Hill, or any other part of Seal Beach, our team of Heating service and repair technicians have you covered.

We specialize in gas furnaces, heat pumps, air ducts, and ductless systems like mini-splits.
Our friendly and courteous technicians can help you fix your broken heater or help you replace it with a new one. When Thomson Air Conditioning comes to your home, we give you a full analysis of your situation and allow you to make the best decision for your home and your family. Our technicians are ready to serve you. We are here for you.

Is it Possible to Fix Cold Areas in My Seal Beach, California Home?

We serve Seal Beach the best, because it’s our home! - Thomson Air Conditioning

When one specific area of your home is not the same temperature as the rest of the house, it can be frustrating to figure out why. Even if you know the problem, finding good solutions that won’t break the bank are tough!

That’s where we come in. We are experts at figuring out the best way to solve your problem. We can zone your current duct system, relocate vents / ducts, add registers, install additional sensors and thermostats, adjust airflow to circulate air throughout the home better, and even install a ductless system to serve just the trouble spot.

A note from the owner, Josh Thomson
“In my home in Old Town Seal Beach, we opted to use ductless mini splits to heat and cool only the rooms that we were in at the time. We found that heating the entire house when we were only in one area at a time, was not the most efficient way to do it. Some of our neighbors have done the same thing and loved it! But I’d imagine each home here has a very unique situation. We also hooked our thermostats up to WiFi so we could adjust the temperature throughout the house from our phones. This is also helpful if we leave home and forget to turn them off.”

We serve Seal Beach the best, because it’s our home! - Thomson Air Conditioning

Why Does My SB Home Have Smelly Air Vents?

There are many reasons the ductwork for your heating system can become smelly.

Sometimes it’s just because we don’t use our heat very often at the beach. The Pacific Ocean keeps our climate pretty mild most of the year. So when you decide to turn on your furnace or heat pump, sometimes there’s a smell. Since every home is different, often we need to inspect the system to find the reason for the smell.

High humidity along Orange County’s 405 freeway (usually from the ocean air) can lead to mildew and mold. Usually this can be cleaned easily. Pictures of your system and any trouble areas that we find are presented to you in a low-pressure and no-hassle way. We do this only to inform you of what is causing your issue. From there, we present you with options to repair, clean or even replace the affected components.

And whatever option you choose is available with our flexible payment plans, so you can decide to handle your heating systems needs in the way that suits you and your family the best.

Is There A HVAC Service Company in Seal Beach to Diagnose Why the Heater Won’t Turn On?

A member of our team can come to diagnose the issue for you.

We’ll quickly identify the problem and provide you with many options to remedy it. When we are in your home, we will discuss what you have been experiencing and ask you a few questions.

From there, our techs will then get to work on your system to diagnose the issue that is creating the symptoms you have described. Once we’ve found the problem, we will take pictures (if helpful) and show you.

We explain everything to you until you are comfortable and understand what took place and what went wrong. We will lay out every possible option to fix the system as well as any other options you would like to see.

Because every system and every person’s needs want and desires are different, we will let you choose how you would like to proceed. After you have been shown pricing and have approved a solution, we will get to work.

We will never just do work without your approval and stick you with a bill that you haven’t already approved.
Again, with Thomson Air Conditioning working for you on your home’s heating system you are always in full control.

Who is the Best HVAC Company in Seal Beach for A New Heater or Furnace?

If you need a system installed, we can help.

We are skilled in looking at your current system and asking you questions to identify the best system to serve your home and your family. Just like when we come out for repairs, we can come to your home and discuss all the options with you. We will provide you the chance to explore all the ideas and options that you would like to see.

The Thomson Air Conditioning Team is capable of handling any project for you no matter how large or small. We will help you with the whole process from start to finish. We can even help with other parts of the project such as dealing with other contractors or entities that need to be involved. We’re even great at working with the Golden Rain Foundation and different mutuals in Leisure World as well as handling the permit process at the city.

Even if you don’t decide to use us for your installation, feel free to take advantage of our free estimate and design. You can use us as a resource for whatever you choose. If you need a new heater or heating system in Seal Beach, please allow us to help. We are locals here.

We love this city, and we would love to help you as well.

Which Seal Beach, CA Area Heat and Air Installer Should I Choose to Upgrade My Existing Heating System?

Well, Thomson Air Conditioning, of course! That’s because we know there are many ways to upgrade your existing system without fully replacing it. Some of these ways include the following:

  • Adding a smart WiFi-enabled thermostat Seal Beach, CA smart thermostat installation
  • Upgrading the filtration system
  • Changing air registers/vents
  • Adding a duct or altering the airflow distribution throughout the home
  • Adding a zoned system or ductless mini-split unit to an underserved area
We serve Seal Beach the best, because it’s our home! - Thomson Air Conditioning

No matter what you’re experiencing, there is a long list of options and ways to enhance the heating of your home without getting a whole new furnace or heater. Many of the upgrades listed above will even help you save money and make your heating much more efficient and comfortable.

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