Reduced Airflow From Your Air Conditioner: Possible Repair Problems

Reduced Airflow From Your Air Conditioner: Possible Repair Problems


When functioning properly, the air conditioner in your home should not strive to maintain the required indoor temperature. However, various repair problems may affect the performance as well as the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Among the most common air conditioning repair problems is irregular cooling or reduced airflow from your air conditioner. With irregular cooling, some parts of your house will feel cooler than others. If this is not the first time you are using the AC system, you already know the amount of air you can expect from it. As such, you will be in a better position to learn when the amount of airflow produced by your system has reduced.

Having been in the industry for a considerable period, we have come across various heating and cooling system repair problems. In this regard, the experts we have at Thomson Air Conditioning are some of the most reliable and knowledgeable AC installation, repair, and maintenance professionals in the industry today. According to these professionals, reduced airflow from an AC system indicates a problem. In some cases, the problem may be simple, such as a dirty air filter. In other cases, reduced airflow can be as a result of a more complicated issue. Mentioned below are some of the commonest causes of this problem.

Fan Motor Failure

If you have a forced air conditioning system installed in your home, the blower fan may be the cause of reduced airflow. With time, the fan motor in such systems tends to fail as a result of an electrical or mechanical problem. While a logical solution for this would be to replace the malfunctioning motor, this should only be done by skilled AC repair technicians. If you do not have the required skills, you should not attempt this air conditioning repair remedy as it can lead to more problems. Instead, you should hire a skilled and experienced professional to carry out this repair task for you.


Dirty Air Filter

Under normal working conditions, the air filter is supposed to trap and remove particles that can have a damaging effect on your AC from the air. As such, the air filter will accumulate dirt and debris over time. It is for this reason that the air filter should be replaced after a while. Operating the AC with a dirty air filter will end up doing more harm to the system. This is particularly because the dirt and debris will clog the filter and prevent the system from drawing in air, as it should. Interfering with the flow of air into the air conditioner will, in turn, lead to an array of problems. One of the problems you may experience with your heating and cooling system when this happens is reduced airflow into your living space or irregular cooling.

Reduced airflow from air conditioning units is a common repair problem today and may be caused by various things. When this happens, you should hire a skilled, experienced, and licensed air conditioning repair contractor to diagnose your system for the actual cause and offer a lasting solution for the problem. To hire some of the most knowledgeable and experienced AC repair technicians in the area, call us today at (562) 201-3014.

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