Question: Why Does My AC System Blow Fuses Or Air Your Conditioner Trips The Breaker?

Question: Why Does My AC System Blow Fuses Or Air Your Conditioner Trips The Breaker?

If your AC system blows fuses or air your conditioner trips the breaker, there are a few things you can try at home. As always, Thomson Air Conditioning is here to help. There are many reasons for this problem to exist. below is a short list of things to check, change or do before you call a professional. If for any reason, you feel uncomfortable with any of these items, please call us and we will assist you with the process.

Your Condensing Coil Could Be Dirty

If your fuse is blowing or your breaker is tripping, you could just have a bunch of dirt clogging the condensing coil. This part of your system exists to cool off the refrigerant as it travels through the system. If the condensing coil gets clogged, the refrigerant will overheat and it will shut off on high head pressure. Some coils are easier to clean than others. If you feel your condensing coil needs professional cleaning, click here to set up an appointment, and we will handle it.

Power Fluctuations May Have Tripped Your Breaker

Common during periods of high usage and “brownouts” this repair is easy. Simply reset your breaker. This is very uncommon. However, in some cases, when voltage drops, amperage must go up to keep your system running. Try resetting your breaker at your electrical panel and see if this does the trick.

Direct Short To Ground

A direct short to ground happens during an equipment failure. A break in one of your wires is another reason. Grounded wires are a problem. In this case, call the professionals. You can identify this at home by resetting your breaker at the panel. If it trips quickly after resetting, don’t simply repeat this process. Breakers exist for your home’s protection. Do not attempt to override this safety feature.

Overcharged With Refrigerant Or Capacitor Failure

In this event, the unit will try to start up. You will hear a buzzing or humming sound coming from the motors. This sound will only last a few seconds before quitting. Often, at this point, your breaker will trip. This indicates your system is trying to start, but can’t for some reason. It could be high head pressure. It could be a bad capacitor, or it could just be old and dying. At any rate, this must be diagnosed by a professional.

Old Fuses

If the fuses in your service disconnect are old, it is possible for them to fail on their own. A blown fuse most commonly points to a more serious problem, but could in fact just need to be replaced. Simply turn off the power to the disconnect appliance from the breaker panel and change the fuses. Most fuses for air conditioners can be found at your local hardware store.

Arcing Wires Or Loose Wire Connections

When a wiring connection is loose, it will arc. When this occurs, the wires can heat up and trip the breaker or fuses. Fuses and breakers exist for this very reason, check all wiring connections on the connected circuit and make sure none of the terminals, lugs, or wire nuts are loose. This could prevent an electrical fire. If you suspect you have a problem with your wiring, please get it checked out by a professional. Electricians are extremely capable of helping you with this repair.

Electricity is nothing to play with! ALWAYS use a licensed electrician or AC contractor as appropriate.

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