Question: What Is VRV In Air Conditioning Systems?

Question: What Is VRV In Air Conditioning Systems?

What is VRV?

VRV is a technology patented by Daikin. It stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and describes a technology that can regulate the flow of refrigerant based on the demand of the indoor conditions. This technology provides many options for both configuration and comfort. On a traditional system, the heating and cooling is either On or Off, but with VRV, we can send different amounts of refrigerant to different places in the home. This allows us to cool and heat different climate zones inside a space to any desired temperature. All without affecting the adjoining spaces.

In the world of HVAC, technology is constantly changing. Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is not exactly a new technology, but it is new to the US markets. Certainly, it is new to the residential HVAC market here in Los Angeles and Orange County. Thomson Air Conditioning has gone to great lengths to harness this bit of tech for our customers. We have become your best choice for a Daikin VRV Installation Contractor. Thomson Air Conditioning employees have undergone extensive training to ensure that we can handle any VRV or VRF project. Whether you need a Sky Air (single zone) system that is more straightforward, or you need a full-scale, engineered VRV system (multi-zone), our team has what you need.

Question: What is VRV in air conditioning systems?


We are currently certified through Daikin as one of their select VRV Pro contractors. There are very few of us out there and if you are by chance looking to install Daikin VRV, VRF, or Sky Air equipment, please make sure that you use a contractor that is certified as a VRV Pro. These systems are highly intricate and do not install using conventional installation methods. Many practices used by uncertified contractors can lead to extensive problems with functionality, and yet with a proper installation, these systems can provide many years of dependable heating and cooling at a fraction of the energy consumption of conventional systems.

VRV/VRF systems can be as simple or complex as you would like them to be. They can consist of just a couple indoor units to handle some simple zoning, or they can consist of up to an almost unlimited number of air handlers and indoor pieces to handle as large of a project as you wish.

What makes these systems unique is their flexibility. Their ability to vary the flow of refrigerant allows them to capture added efficiency and transfer heat loads within the building that they are serving. This allows them to throttle up and down based upon the load and reach unparalleled efficiency rates. They can be metered separately so you can bill your tenants separately for their heating and cooling bills. They can be centrally controlled from one location as well as over the internet, while still allowing for each indoor space to be controlled independently. We have access to remote temp sensors and other pieces and accessories that will allow you to customize your systems in any way that you wish. They can be concealed, exposed, ducted or ductless. They can virtually serve any application that exists.

In many cases, we can provide you with a VRV system that will save you more energy over the course of the next few years that more than compensates for the installation cost. Often the VRV/VRF system that we design for you proves less expensive upfront than traditional system design.

Since we partner with Daikin, who is the worlds largest global HVAC equipment manufacturer, we can provide you with multiple case studies and ROI breakdowns that closely match the specifications of your unique project.

This is a truly amazing technology and an amazing way to achieve simply the BEST comfort and efficiency levels in existence today. Please contact Thomson Air Conditioning today, or call (562) 201-3014 to discuss your next project and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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