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How Much Does It Cost To Recharge My AC Unit With Freon?

How Much Does It Cost To Recharge My AC Unit With Freon?

Charging Your Air Conditioner With Refrigerant

One of the most common questions that we get is, “How much to recharge my system with refrigerant?” While this seems like a straightforward question, it is almost impossible to answer over the phone. A technician really needs to hook up his gauges and see how low you are on refrigerant. He can then check the badge on the unit, factor in the size of the overall system, and provide you with his best guess at how much refrigerant it will take to charge the system properly. A digital scale is used, as well as a technique called “superheat and subcool” to add the precise amount of refrigerant to your air conditioner.

Keep In Mind:

Your air conditioning system is a closed system, and refrigerant should not evaporate or dissipate out of your system unless there is some sort of leak. If your system is significantly low, we will (and are obligated to in order to comply with EPA regulations) recommend a leak check. This is extremely important, as we don’t want to put perfectly good (and really expensive) refrigerant or Freon in your system just to have it all leak out again. All aspects of your system’s performance and health should be considered when you have a leak. As always, let’s hope it’s a simple fix. There are many other reasons that your system could be acting up, so an accurate diagnosis of your system is extremely important. As well as making sure all of your preventative maintenance items are taken care of, and your filter is clean. Your Thomson Air Conditioning technician is trained to get you back up and running for as little as possible. Our repairs are guaranteed as well as our 5-Star Service!

If You Are SURE That You Need Refrigerant, Our Current Prices Are As Follows:

First lb of R-22 refrigerant for one-time customers (includes setup and charging) = $104.00

First lb of R-22 refrigerant for customers with service agreement (includes setup and charging) = $88.00

Subsequent lbs of R-22 refrigerant for one time customers = $72.00

Subsequent lbs of R-22 refrigerant for customers with service agreement = $61.00

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