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Why A Great Heating Service Is A Necessary Investment?

Why a Great Heating Service Is a Necessary Investment?

We can all agree that most of us have enough bills already, but only a few actually have a great return on your investment. Hopefully you already do the minimum to keep most problems at bay, like changing your air filters, but are you ready in case you need more help? Thomson Air Conditioning has been helping local residents by providing Heating Services in Lakewood, CA that help people like you protect the environment, keep your home safe, and maybe most importantly save you money! A service provider like Thomson Air Conditioning can help you with regular maintenance and tune-ups, and a whole lot more that you can read about below.

How Regular Maintenance Helps Your Health

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has done studies showing that some Heating and Air Conditioning systems, especially those that go unmaintained, contain two to five times the amount of pollutant levels indoors than levels found outdoors. These pollutants can contain allergens and irritants coming from cigarette smoke, dust mites, mold, household dust, and pet dander. A technician who comes by regularly to maintain your equipment will make sure these particles are filtered out and keeping your airflow clean. They can also make sure you’re using a refrigerant that’s not harming your homes environment. Most of all, you’ll end up using less electricity and gas to heat and cool your home after a technician has stopped by, which means lower utility costs.

How We Keep Your Home Safe

An HVAC technician’s biggest concern besides helping you save money should be to make sure to keep you free from any physical dangers in your home. Any buildup of these allergens and irritants we talked about before can inflict serious distress on your system. They will make it work harder than it has to. This means more stress on the individual parts, which then brings the possibility of damage to the unit. Damaged and improperly functioning units can overheat and flood, unfortunately bringing on the risk of fire or flood. Quite simply, regular maintenance drastically reduces the possibility of any of these things from happening.

Why a Great Heating Service Is a Necessary Investment? | Thomson Air Conditioning

How We Save You Money

Thomson Air Conditioning’s biggest goal is to convince you to hire regular Heating Services here in Lakewood, CA that will ultimately save you a lot of money! Not only can your home become unsafe and harm your environment, but costly repairs and replacement of your heating and AC unit can become quite costly. These units cost thousands of dollars, and overtime charges likely apply if you need help on a holiday or weekend. Hiring a service provider like our company on an annual or semi-annual basis can help reduce your energy bills by 30%, prolong the life of your heating or air conditioning unit, and help you stay covered under your warranty as well. Please call us at (562) 201-3014 if you’d like us to help protect your home and introduce you to the wide variety of benefits that Thomson Air Conditioning can provide you!

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