AC installation service in Cerritos, CA

There are lots of reasons why your air conditioner may not work the way that it used to. Maybe it’s suffered from too much abuse during the warmer parts of the year. Maybe it’s just gotten too old and too many parts inside of it have started to deteriorate. Or maybe it just does not cool your home off as efficiently as it’s supposed to. Diagnosing the problems with your air conditioner is hard to do without seeing it in person, but there’s several factors that can help you decide whether it’s worth looking into. Thomson AC has experience performing AC installation service in Cerritos, CA in all sorts of homes, and we’ve got the staff that can get the job done professionally. Now let’s talk about a few of the factors that could be affecting the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Has Your Bill Gotten Higher?

This is often a sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced. Your system could be suffering from mechanical problems that force it to work a lot harder than it would if it were brand new. It could be just a simple problem where a fuse or electrical connection needs to be tightened, but it could be a more severe problem with a motor or fan. Then there’s the ductwork, thermostat, and the age of your unit too. Many factors go into how well your AC is going to perform, but suffering from higher than normal energy bills is a sure sign that it could at least use some tweaking. However if your unit has been breaking down more regularly and has gotten older, then replacement with a more efficient unit could not only reduce your bills but solve other potential problems too.

AC installation service in Cerritos CA

Are Some Parts of Your Home Cooler Than Others?

Common complaints we hear when an air conditioner is performing under par are when it’s not blowing cool air, the fan isn’t working, there is an imbalance of hot and cool air from room to room, and the system keeps turning on and off. These problems are all frustrating because your air conditioner is just not doing what it’s supposed to: cool your home! A dirty filter, a frozen coil, or a blocked condensate drain could be just a few of the many culprits. Some of the more severe problems that could necessitate an AC installation service in Cerritos, CA is when your home has become too humid or stuffy to relax in.

How Can You Tell If It Just Needs Repair?

If you’re unsure what exactly is going on, it’s best to have an experienced HVAC technician come and inspect your entire system. We can see if it’s a simple problem that can be fixed in hours, or if it’s a serious problem that could be better solved by replacing your current system with a new unit. Give Thomson AC a call at 562-201-3014 and we’ll come and check it out.


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