The installation of your air conditioner in your home was a big deal, one that cost you probably a small fortune at the time. It was a decision you took at the time to enhance the lifestyle of your family, and increase the price tag on your home. You did what you were meant to in order to protect your investment, the maintenance services were always carried out on time, and any minor repairs were completed immediately. You have managed to get the full expected lifespan out of the equipment and it is only now starting to show signs that its time is up.

Call your local technician at Thomson AC to carry out a full inspection and recommend a replacement unit that will suit your needs. Our air conditioning replacement Lakewood CA is cheaper than a full new installation because we use the existing ducting that is in place. We thoroughly inspect the ducting to ensure that it is in working order, any defective areas are repaired to new.

Replacements – Signs That a Replacement Is On the Cards

There are telltale signs you should keep your eye out for if your AC is reaching the end of its lifespan. Understanding the signs will allow you to save money on repairs that just won’t cut it.

Your AC is many years old, and has over the years offered service to you and your family that was expected of it. The yearly maintenance services just don’t seem enough anymore, and you often have had to undertake a tune-up over the last year or two. Breakdowns and repairs seem to be becoming more frequent as the months pass by and are probably costing you more than the unit is probably worth now. You may have noticed that your utility bill has slowly climbed over the past few months, and even maintenance doesn’t help. With age, your AC will become less efficient, causing the operational costs to increase tremendously.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t spend more money trying to fix the unit, rather call a professional in, and let them give you an opinion based on experience and expertise. Thomson AC has technicians who are qualified and certified to provide the information you need, and to offer air conditioning replacement Lakewood CA.

Why Choose Us?

Call 562-201-3014 today for air conditioning replacement Lakewood CA. This kind of service is really quite costly, and should never be undertaken just for the sake of it. We provide good, honest, reliable feedback that will point you in the right direction whether it is further repairs, or a necessary replacement.

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