You’ve had your AC for many years, you have always been religious about carrying out the routine maintenance, and yes, there have been times when you have had to fork out for repairs. It just seems that lately your AC is broken down more than it is functioning. The repairs are probably costing you a small fortune and you are beginning to wonder if it is really worth any more money being spent on it.

At Thomson AC, we’ll give you our honest opinion. If a replacement is the order of the day, we’ll recommend it and offer you a reasonable quotation on newer, more energy-efficient models. Our air conditioning replacement Cerritos CA is sometimes the best option when your AC is reaching its expiry date, and repairs just don’t seem to last.

Replacements – The Answer to Endless Repairs

You may not have even realized how long you have actually had your AC system. As the years pass by, your equipment will age, and parts will become brittle and more prone to damages and breakdowns. When these repairs begin to cost more than what the equipment is worth, or you find your AC is down more than it is working these days, it is time to call in for a replacement.

Replacements are also relatively costly affairs, however, not nearly as costly as completely new installations. Replacement units often make use of existing ducting, if it is still in great shape. At Thomson AC, we provide air conditioning replacement Cerritos CA that will give your cooling system a new lease on life, and allow you to own a new system all over again.

We offer finance options on replacements because we realize that even though the cost is less than a full installation, it is still rather hefty if you have a budget that is already straining at the seams. Our finance terms are easy and affordable, and tailored to your requirements.

Thomson AC – The Specialists

Call 562-201-3014 for air conditioning replacement Cerritos CA. Yes, you’ve grown attached to your trusty old air conditioner, but lately it just seems to let you down more than anything else. We’ll provide you with a replacement that is more modern, energy-efficient, and operationally cost-effective. Call us, and find out how we can save you money.

Josh is the founder and president of Thomson Air Conditioning, a 5-star Long Beach, CA area HVAC contractor. With nearly two decades of HVAC experience, his passion is excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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