It seems such a waste to pay for an AC Repair that could have been prevented. Of course, it isn’t every instance that this is the case. Sometimes your AC has actually had routine maintenance every year, but it is just getting on in age and more prone to breakdowns than it once was. If your find your repairs are becoming more frequent, get the advice of a professional who will give you the honest opinion of whether the repairs are worth the money.

Thomson AC are the reliable, honest, and transparent heating and cooling company. We have gained a reputation, over the years, for the honesty with which we provide our customers. Of course, if we find our air conditioning repair Los Alamitos CA is worth the money spent, we’ll carry out the task with them same attention to detail we would any other.

Thomson – Old Hands at Heating and Cooling

Thomson AC have been around for years, providing quality heating and cooling services to the community in and around California. We offer everything from installations, maintenance, repairs, troubleshooting, air quality evaluations, and replacements.

We are an approved Daikin agent, which is an accolade we hold in high esteem. We have worked hard to earn it, and even harder to maintain it.

At Thomson AC, you are guaranteed service that is only the highest quality, equipment that is branded and has a proven track record in the industry. Our air conditioning repair Los Alamitos CA promises to add life to your equipment with repair work that is durable, and reliable.

Repairs by Thomson

Call 562-201-3014 or text us for air conditioning repair Los Alamitos, CA. When your AC has a breakdown, there is no need for you to as well. We’ll provide you with repairs that will be lasting, at a price that is reasonable. Call us today and find out how we can get your AC back to its former glory.

Josh is the founder and president of Thomson Air Conditioning, a 5-star Long Beach, CA area HVAC contractor. With nearly two decades of HVAC experience, his passion is excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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