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The day is blazing hot, probably the hottest it has been all year. You are exhausted, grumpy, and long to be home in the comfort of your cool environment. You pull into the drive, heave yourself from the car with bags in hand, and head for the front door. You open the door expectantly and walk into what should be paradise. To your dismay, it is hotter inside than out. What have you done? Did you forget to set the timer? You head for the AC unit only to find that there is no power on it, and it just won’t start up. What are you going to do? You will never make it through another day like this.

Help is closer than you think. Call the emergency line at Thomson Air Conditioning, you’ll be greeted by a helpful, friendly member of staff who will quickly dispatch someone to assist you. Our Air Conditioning Repair in Cerritos, CA is reliable, and robust, and will breathe new life into your AC.


Your AC is a mechanical system, with moving parts that work against each other, and in conjunction with each other. Wear and tear is inevitable, and eventually something is bound to break down. Unfortunately, where mechanics are involved, even with regular maintenance, you will eventually have to carry out some kind of repair.

There are so many things that could be wrong, but, before calling your technician, do a few basic checks on your own. Check if your home has power at the moment or if perhaps your area has a power outage, check the air filters as if these are dirty then no air will flow through to your home, be sure to check the circuit breaker to ensure that hasn’t tripped. If you can’t seem to locate any obvious reason for your AC not working, call your local technician at Thomson Air Conditioning and we’ll be glad to come out and evaluate your unit. Our technicians are trained to identify faults quickly and with ease. We’ll offer you an affordable quotation upfront so that you can be assured of what this process will costs. We source, order, and obtain the necessary parts in record time, and complete your repair with as little discomfort time to you as possible.

We, at Thomson Air Conditioning, prioritize your comfort. Our Air Conditioning Repair Cerritos, CA will have you back in driving seats of your temperature control in no time at all.

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