Replacing Your Air HVAC duct system

How much does it cost to replace asbestos air ducts?

If you own a home that was built before 1978, there is a good chance that the home was built with asbestos air ducts in your attic. These ducts serve both your heating and air conditioning system. It’s important to have these ducts changed to improve the efficiency of your system and lower your utility costs. In order to properly do this, we need to have the asbestos duct system removed by a licensed asbestos abatement company. We currently use PW Stephens. They are a nation-wide company and have very reasonable pricing. Removal of your ducts is coordinated through us (we handle everything) around your schedule. We then come in the following day and replace all ducts according to the specific needs of your HVAC system and your home. A new duct layout and design is made specifically for you and efficiency calculations are performed to ensure that your system functions better than ever before. We seal your air conditioning and heating ducts so that no air is lost into your attic. This will give you cleaner air and ensure that you don’t lose any precious conditioned air.

Keep in mind:

Not all homes are created equal. There are many specific needs for each and every HVAC duct system. Please know that we don’t charge you ANYTHING to come out and take a look at your homes air ducts. Our team of experts is here to help you improve the quality of your homes air delivery system. There is never any pressure to perform work, however we will put all of our recommendations in writing and email you a detailed quote/estimate that outlines all necessary steps to perfecting your duct system.

If you would like us to inspect your ducts please contact us

How much does it cost to replace asbestos air ducts?

A typical duct replacement with an asbestos abatement runs about $2,000.


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