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Heater Maintenance Service in Cerritos, Lakewood, and Los Alamitos, CA

You are all aware of the importance and benefits of regular heater maintenance. Your heating system costs a large amount of money and you really need to do all you can to get the most from the setup. In order for your system to service you, you need to service it. Keeping parts that are prone to wear and tear in check, and preventing costly damages and repairs are a huge benefit of regular maintenance services. A clean setup is half way to efficient already, ensuring your vents, ducts and unit are dust and particle free is all included in a regular maintenance.

Heater Maintenance: Once Off or Package

If you are serious about the health of your heater, you will consider a maintenance package from Thomson. For a small, affordable monthly fee, we will take the burden on. We keep track of your maintenance records, what work was carried out, and when your heater is next due to be services. You don’t lift a finger besides to take our call and confirm a time and date that suits you. Even in the event that you have opted against the maintenance plan to start with, you are free to join with a package at any time, or call us up for a once off maintenance service. We are here to keep your heater functioning in the best way we know how, package or not.

Heating Maintenance and Tune Ups: The Procedure

Whether we are carrying out a maintenance service or a mid-maintenance tune-up on an older unit, the process is basically the same. With a regular maintenance, we inspect your heater system from top to bottom, not missing any part. Electrical connections are secured, gas is refilled, drainage pipes are checked for blockages and cleared, the entire setup is checked for flaws and cracks, and the dust is removed from the unit, vents, and associated ducting. A tune-up works on the same lines but is a mini version of a maintenance. The system is given a once over, but attention to focused on specific items that you may be worried about. We know what to look for, and where to look.

Heater Maintenance Technicians: Technically Sound and Professional

Our technicians are well-equipped to carry out maintenance on your heater, as well as tune-up services on your older units. With certifications and experience under their belts, we ensure that our technicians show professionalism, innovation, and provide a service that cannot be faulted. Our staff pay careful attention to customer service, and always treat out customers with the respect and honesty you deserve.

Call us today for your regular Heater Maintenance Service in Cerritos, Lakewood, and Los Alamitos, CA that offer you amazing service from your heater.