Air conditioning is one of those innovations that just keep giving. The benefits are enormous, and although it may be a little on the costly side, it is well worth it. The comfort it provides for you and your family cannot be measured, and the value such an investment adds to your home is something anybody would be pleased about.

At Thomson AC we keep ourselves well-informed on the latest equipment and techniques in the industry. You can always be assured that the equipment we offer you for our air conditioning installation Huntington Beach CA is the latest technology, with the highest energy-efficiency.

Ductless VS Ducted

Air conditioning is available in the ducted or ductless form. It really depends on what area you are looking to cool, and what your particular requirements are.

Air conditioning that incorporates ducting is obviously a more costly venture. This kind of air conditioning allows you to move air from a central unit, through ducting, into each room of your home. The temperature is regulated to one temperature throughout the home.

Ductless air conditioning on the other hand does not have any associated ducting. A space is made in the wall of the room which needs to be cooled, and the unit fitted into the wall. This kind of unit only cools limited areas. You can, of course, have a unit in each room you want cooled, and in this instance each room can be regulated at a different temperature.

We, at Thomson AC are adept at carrying out installation of either the ductless nature or units with associated ducting. Our technicians will gladly come out and evaluate your requirements, and your home, and make recommendations accordingly. Our air conditioning installation Huntington Beach CA is renowned in the area, and you will definitely be taking a step in the right direction.

We Are Your Contractor

Call us today for your air conditioning installation Huntington Beach CA. Experience the innovation of air conditioning in different forms, find the one that suits your requirements and your budget, and let us get that cool air blowing today. Call us today at Thomson AC 562-201-3014 for a quotation.

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