Air Conditioning FAQ

First, a note from Thomson AC founder Josh Thomson:

“As a college student, I took my car in because it kept dying on me and leaving me stranded. The mechanic told me that it was the fuel filter. Of course the fuel filter was difficult to replace and he would have to charge me $90 to do so. So I spent the last $90 to my name and decided to borrow money for food until my next pay check. To my surprise, when I pulled out of the parking lot, my car died again. When I asked the mechanic what he thought, he said he didn’t know and that I needed to pay him another $90 to figure it out. I was never able to get that vehicle repaired. I left it parked in the street where it died, and ended up selling it for next to nothing.

The pit in my stomach never left and I vowed that if I ever owned a business, I would do whatever was in my power to protect my customers from an experience like that. I’ll never forget that day, so everything we do here at Thomson AC needs to be done with our customers best interest at heart.”

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

1How much does it cost for a service call?

Let’s face it, We’ve all dropped our car off at the mechanic for a basic tune up, and return only to be met with an outrageous bill. At Thomson AC, we strive to be as up front and honest with our customers as possible.

Our service calls are $89.

This includes a full *guaranteed diagnosis of your systems problem and a proposed solution. Our desire is that we can fix your system without charging more, but in the case that you need parts replaced, or additional work, we will provide you with a options and proceed only upon your approval.

2Do you guys give free estimates on installations?

Yes. We would love to meet with you at your convenience to provide you with a written estimate.

3Do you give free estimates on repairs?

Sorta. We can give you a free estimate on repairs needed for your system, but to accurately diagnose which repairs are necessary there is often much work that needs to be done.

Our $90 diagnostic service includes all the labor involved in opening up your system and finding out exactly what’s wrong with it. This diagnostic fee is also accompanied with a free estimate on all necessary repairs.

But if you know exactly which repairs are needed, we can provide you with a quote at no additional charge.

4What sort of warranty/guarantee do you provide with your repairs?

Our repairs are guaranteed for 5 years.

5Can you give me a ballpark estimate?

We are happy to provide you with a ballpark estimate over the phone, and on our website. However, many times we are unable to get all of the necessary information to provide an appropriate “ballpark price”. So If you’re willing to tolerate our “best guess”, we are happy to put our best foot forward and attempt to help you in any way possible.

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