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Air Conditioner Maintenance Service in Cerritos, Lakewood, and Los Alamitos, CA

Following the installation of your air conditioning system, you will be advised on the best course of action to be followed in order to keep that system functioning as efficiently as on that first day. Maintenance is imperative in keeping your air conditioning unit operating efficiently, and cost-effectively as day one. As your air conditioner begins to get on in age, you may find that tune-ups will be required between the regular preventive maintenance. These mini-maintenance tune-ups keep the older equipment in check until maintenance day arrives.

AC Maintenance: Prevention

Air conditioning is a mechanical piece of equipment. The moving parts within are prone to wear and tear. As they work together in unison to provide smooth operation, they will rub against one another and cause areas that may become brittle, and eventually break down. Regular maintenance is in place in order to identify problem areas or potential problem areas before they have a chance to develop into repairs that lead to break down of your system. These repairs if left untreated, can become costly. Preventive maintenance is your way of ensuring that you have uninterrupted service from your air conditioning unit. Our maintenance services are thorough. We ensure that every part of your air conditioning system is evaluated for faults, or defects. These areas are attended to. Electrical connections are secured, and the gas is refilled. Cleaning of the unit, the vents, and associated ducting is carried out. A clean system ensures efficiency and high quality indoor air quality. Call Thomson’s for that all important preventive maintenance and keep your air conditioner humming with pride.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan vs As Needed Basis

Of course, you can choose to keep record of your air conditioner maintenance, and due dates on your own. You can call the service provider to book the appointment yourself. Life gets crazy sometimes, and yes, you are only human, and believe me sometimes that AC maintenance is the furthest thing from your mind. It often gets pushed to the wayside for other, more pressing situations, until you are suddenly left with an AC system that has broken down, leaving you feeling the heat of the day. We try to make the maintenance process as hassle-free for our customers as possible. We offer a maintenance plan which is affordable. A small monthly fee frees you of the burden of remembering the maintenance details. We keep all the records, and we call you to confirm a date and time. Your faults, and defects are attended to, and repairs are averted. Whether you decide on an affordable maintenance plan, or whether you decide to bear the burden yourself, we are on hand to make the maintenance process as pain-free as possible, preventing breakdowns through negligence.

AC Tune-Ups: Mini Maintenance

Your air conditioner is going to last you many years. As the system begins to age, you may find that regular maintenance is simply not enough to keep this old, loyal unit from becoming inefficient. You may find that there are far too many months between the maintenance services, and you may have to undertake a tune-up or mini-maintenance. A tune-up is a very basic maintenance which investigates specific areas of concern. Perhaps your unit is making a strange sound, or there is a strange smell. Our technicians will give your system a once over, but will focus on your specific complaints. A tune-up will ensure no breakdowns before maintenance day. Yes, it is a small additional cost, but compared to the cost of repairs on old systems, it is really a drop in the ocean.

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