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AC Installation Service Huntington Beach, CA


Air conditioning installation is an extremely important part of the decision to own an air conditioning system. You have made the decision after long and careful consideration of the benefits to your family, and your home, taking into account the cost implications of installing, maintaining, and operating it. You have obviously come to the logical conclusion that the benefits far outweigh any possible negative attributes.

Don’t jump at the first contractor who offers you a fair price. Do your research and seek quotations from at least three service providers who have reputable reputations within the community. Never opt for a quotation that is way below the average price of the other contractors. Chances are this contractor will cut corners to save costs and put your installation at risk.

We, at Thomson Air Conditioning, have the reputation that has kept us at the forefront of the community when it comes to heating and cooling matters. Our AC installation service in Huntington Beach, CA cannot be faulted, and it is what has kept the community cool for years.


We, at Thomson Air Conditioning, know the value of an air conditioning system to the owner, and how important it is that the system runs efficiently, and as problem-free as possible. The unit is meant to enhance your lifestyle, not give you endless headaches.

Our technicians are qualified and certified. They are able to manage your installation from start to finish, with little input from you at all. If you make an appointment with one of our technical staff, you can be assured that they’ll be there on time. Your home will be evaluated, as well as your requirements, and a suitable design drawn up to suit your home. We will offer you a quotation which is detailed and reasonably priced. You are under no obligation to undertake the installation immediately, think it over, and when you’re ready, give us a call. Once on the job, we work with efficiency, and speed to get your AC humming. On completion, we take care of housekeeping, inspect the unit, test it with you, and sign it over once you are completely satisfied that everything is as you expect.

We make 100% sure that our AC installation service in Huntington Beach, CA, is durable, and will last you the recommended lifespan. We’ll explain the necessity of maintenance services, and offer you access to our easy and affordable maintenance plan.


Call us today for your AC installation service in Huntington Beach, CA. At Thomson Air Conditioning you are guaranteed that your money will be well spent, and the value you receive from the equipment will be worth every penny. Satisfaction is what we aim for 100%. Call us now at Thomson Air Conditioning for an air conditioner that will truly enhance your lifestyle at (562) 784-4159.

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