We’ve recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Keen Home, a new company that is working hard at providing new technology to the connected home and the HVAC system. Because I was asked to “read over their” article to proof read for technical accuracy, they have been so kind as to mention Thomson Air Conditioning in their post. They did a great job at quickly and simply breaking down some HVAC misconceptions. I highly recommend that each of you read their post.

“7 Causes of Temperature Imbalance In The Home”

I’m very excited to be working with Keen Home on any level at this point, based on what I’ve seen so far from their organization, and am excited to see how their partnership with Nest thermostats develops in the future. Please take some time to read their article and see what can be done to help balance the temperature in your home.

As always, if you would like to have us out to your home for free to consult with you on these or any other needs you may have, please contact us.

Josh is the founder and president of Thomson Air Conditioning, a 5-star Long Beach, CA area HVAC contractor. With nearly two decades of HVAC experience, his passion is excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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